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Atari VCS Menu Interface Test

Posted May 20, 2018 by Ric Pryor

This week Atari SA re-released year-old footage of the menu screen for the new VCS. Interestingly, with crowdfunding pre-ordering set to begin in just a few days, they clipped the end off the video before posting it on Facebook. Here's the original, unedited video. (Click the image for a larger version)

Exclusive unedited Atari VCS menu footage
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Atari VCS Ad #6: Madness

Posted May 17, 2018 by Ric Pryor

Is it madness to pay $200 for the VCS now when it won't ship until next year, if it even ships at all? Yes. Yes it is.

The new Atari VCS comes pre-loaded with those old games your gramma played!
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When Pixelated Representations of Men Were Pixelated Representations of Men

Posted May 15, 2018 by Ric Pryor

Legends of the Diamond for the NES takes you back to the good old days of baseball. The days when Brooks Robinson was a Gold Glove... catcher? And batters could choke the $#&@ out of the pitcher without getting ejected.

Legends of the Diamond Nintendo Entertainment System
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Atari VCS Ad #5: Drugs

Posted May 14, 2018 by Ric Pryor

In a little more than two weeks crowdfunding pre-ordering will begin for the new VCS. Will Atari SA have anything more than an empty shell to show on May 30th?

This is your brain on Atari SA
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The Second To Last Ninja

Posted May 10, 2018 by Ric Pryor

The Last Ninja. For many of you that's the name of a groundbreaking 3-D adventure game for the Commodore 64. For me it's the name of a type-in game from Ahoy Magazine with a lot of inexplicable falling into pits.

The Last Ninja. No, the other Last Ninja.
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Atari VCS Promotional T-Shirt Idea

Posted May 9, 2018 by Ric Pryor

It's common for video game companies to give freebies to people who crowdfund pre-order their products as a thank you. I think Atari SA should give something to anyone willing to give them money for the still-just-an-empty-shell VCS. Here's my suggestion:

Atari VCS Promotional T-Shirt Idea
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Atari VCS Ad #4: Mistake

Posted May 8, 2018 by Ric Pryor

In just three weeks, you'll be able to crowdfund pre-order the new VCS. It's not my place to tell you what to do with your money, but spending $200 on a console that doesn't exist seems like a bad idea when we live in a world where tacos do exist.

Pre-ordering the new Atari VCS would be a terrible mistake
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Nature Studies: Crab Conflict Resolution

Posted May 6, 2018 by Ric Pryor

In nature, crabs have been known to resolve disputes with an air hockey-like contest involving captive octopuses. While it has never been captured on film, it is faithfully recreated in the Commodore 64 game Crabfight.

Crabfight for the Commodore 64 from the February 1986 issue of Ahoy Magazine
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Atari VCS Ad #3: Games

Posted May 4, 2018 by Ric Pryor

What kinds games do you suppose will be available for the new Atari VCS? I mean besides the usual repackaged 2600 classics and Steam games no one buys until they're part of a Humble Bundle.

The new Atari VCS. It's real and it has Netflix.
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Does Anyone Know How This Game Is Supposed to Be Played?

Posted May 3, 2018 by Ric Pryor

Realsports Baseball for the Atari 2600 has some comically bad A.I. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to score this play.

Atari's Realsports Baseball has some comically bad A.I.

Atari's follow-up, Super Baseball, kept most of the same gameplay but improved the A.I. and in doing so revealed that without the shoddy defense it was impossible to get on base.

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