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Past Behavior is the Best Predictor of Future Behavior

Posted May 26, 2018 by Ric Pryor

We're just four days away from the start of crowdfunding pre-ordering for the new Atari VCS. We've been here before, of course. Atari initially planned to start accepting orders for the non-existent console back in December, but cancelled the campaign at the last minute because of undisclosed issues with "one key element."

Atari has been hard at work since then, showing an empty VCS shell in a hotel room across the street from the Game Developers Conference and posting a Facebook video of a guy playing Tempest 4000 while sitting next to a table with a couple of what appear to be non-functioning Atariboxes on it.

Whatever the missing "key element" was in December, it doesn't appear to have been working hardware, because there's still no sign of that. Regardless, barring another cancellation, Atari will starting taking money for the VCS Wednesday morning.

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